Mattress Cleaning Service

Dust mites love warm and humid conditions. Mattresses act like bellows – blowing the dust mite dirt into the mouth, nose, eyes and onto the skin!

My purpose built machinery removes dust mites and their excrement, along with fungi, spores and bacteria from your mattress – ensuring you enjoy a healthy and hygienic nights sleep.

Why clean your mattress?

There are two main factors as to why it is important you clean your mattress. To remove allergies including dust mites and to remove unsightly marks and stains.

Here at Devilishly Good I provide you with a professional mattress cleaning service bringing your mattress back to life. Whether you own a B&B, run a hotel or a property owner I can help.

Why not contact me today for a free, no obligation demonstration to see what’s hiding in your mattress?

Why choose Mattress Medic?

Most companies out there use the UV (ultraviolet) system of terminating dust mites, etc.

The problem with this is that dust mites come to the surface to feed normally at night when you give off body heat so the zap of ultra violet only kills what’s on the surface at the time, and normally with this being done in the daytime only around 10% are destroyed.

With Mattress Medic it kills off the food chain so completely destroying them over a period of time. Normally within 2 weeks after treatment.